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Automated Testing

of Web Analytics with CasperJS by @cataLuc


Installation (Windows 10 x64)

  • Install Python 2.6+: [] (tested that it works with 3.6.3)

  • Update PATH Environment Variable

    • add path to Python folder (in my case: C:\Users\lukas\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36)
  • Install PhantomJS 1.9.1+: [] (tested that it works with 2.1)

    • CoffeeScript is not natively supported in PhantomJS versions 2.0.0 and above. If you are going to use CoffeeScript you’ll have to transpile it into vanilla Javascript. See known issues for more details.
  • Update PATH Environment Variable

    • add path to PhantomJS folder (in my case: C:\phantomjs\bin)
  • Install NodeJS: []

  • Install CasperJS: []

    • I installed it via NPM (globally):npm install -g casperjs
  • Update PATH Environment Variable

    • add path to CasperJS folder (in my case: C:\Users\lukas\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\casperjs\bin)


  • Download Example files

  • In the folder where you have your test definition:

    • open console (usually cmd)
    • run command casperjs test test.js

CasperJS Documentation